Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer fun!

The summer has come and gone very quickly. We had a fun filled summer of adventures! Our summer started with a lot of trips to Anchorage! In the beginning of June, I was able to fly to Michigan for 10 days. During which, I rode to North Carolina with the fam to attend my cousin Michelle's wedding. It was a great time to spend with family that I don't get to see very often.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, Granger and his buddy Donny attempted Mt. Spur for the second time. They had quite the adventure and unfortunately did not complete their goal of making it to the summit. The weather turned on them and it was unsafe with all the crevasses and lack of visibility. They had some unforgettable experiences however! After leaving base camp to attempt the summit, they turned back to see a black bear tearing through their campsite! They continued on their way until they decided to camp out for the night. That night it snowed 6 inches and was topped off with rain! In the morning they decided to turn back because the snow and rain made it too dangerous to attempt. They turned back and headed for base camp to assess the damage the bear had caused. Once they arrived at base camp, they found the tote that had their dry clothes in it was strewn all over, since the bear had carried it with his mouth and ripped it open. An empty can of Jet Boil fuel lay on the ground where the bear had bit through it! (That probably didn't taste very good!) Luckily they found everything, however, Granger's Bible got destroyed and his only dry clothes were soaked! Once they were back at base camp, they signaled the pilot on their friend's Spot (a device that notified the pilot to come get them) and waited for the plane to arrive. They will attempt Mt. Spur again in the future.

Once I returned back to Alaska things started to get busy! We signed the papers that locked us into our new house on June 18th and got the keys! Almost immediately after that we drove to Anchorage where I ran a half-marathon with a group of friends. The race went well and I finished around the time that I was hoping to. The next day, we returned to our new home!!

June 20th
Our 2nd Anniversary! We packed a small "weekend bag" to spend the night in our new house! The new house was pretty empty, all we had was an air mattress and enough food to last us a few days. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in our 1st house which was very special! The next day we decided to go on a Summer Solstice hike with our friends Donny, Andi, and baby Banyan. We hiked from Fuller Lakes to Skyline. It is called a traverse hike, but in my opinion is anything but. For those of you who know what Skyline is, it felt like we basically did that three times in a row. It was definitely an adventure and I think my feet are just now healing from it almost a month and a half later! The hike took us 12 hours! We were pretty tired after that!

The next week consisted of packing and moving! We were able to take our time packing which allowed us to enjoy the great Alaskan outdoors! By the end of June it finally felt like we were making progress into making our house a home!