Sunday, January 13, 2013

How fast they grow!

Our sweet, little Holland is changing so fast. Everyday it seems like he has something new to show us. Each new little face, sound, or look melts our hearts! I can't believe how much he has changed and become more alert in just under 3 weeks. Time is already going by so fast. Holland's newest development is he is starting to find his voice and will make a smile and a sound together. He also squeezes his lips together into this little kissy face, which is utterly adorable. He is starting to be awake and alert for longer spurts. He looks all around just taking in the environment. He continues to sleep a lot, which is a good thing for me at this point, cause I get a few naps in here or there too!! :) When Granger gets home from school he likes to scoop him away from me and take him downstairs to snuggle with him on his chest.

He's growing so fast!

Wow...tomorrow marks 12 weeks since we were blessed with our beautiful baby Holland! He is growing so fast, each day brings something new. Sometimes I swear I can hear him growing in his sleep!! Holland is such a blessing. He is a great baby, who loves to give us smiles. He is just starting to giggle a little bit. Granger can really get him giggling. I caught a little on video. Holland giggling It's amazing how our lives have changed. Holland adds such a wonderful (and sometimes exhausting) component to our lives. We estimate he is close to 14 pounds now and I have under three weeks left before I have to go back to work and Granger gets to stay home for a while. I am dreading it and he's looking forward to it!! I told him he is not allowed to do a countdown in front of me!