Friday, December 3, 2010


So one perk about having a house is being able to host Thanksgiving! And that is just what we did! All together we had 3 couples, Banyan, and my mom, who was able to come visit for a week and spend Thanksgiving with us. We enjoyed a great meal, (although the Turkey took a little longer than expected) though that seems to often be the case. We still have lots of left overs that we are enjoying. We are so blessed to have developed friendships that have formed our Alaska family for those special times when we can't get home to spend it with our biological families!!

It was so much fun having my mom up here to see our new house. We really enjoyed the time together. While mom was here we were able to take her to the dump (I know sounds lame right?) but she was able to see all the eagles that come and hang out in the trees. It's a pretty cool sight actually. We were also able to go over to our friends house, Donny and Andrea, to cut down our Christmas tree. We came back and decorated it together which was always a great past time event that we were able to do together again. This is the first year that we have had a Christmas tree since we've been married! I was also able to make our stocking and hang them by the fire place!!

Mom had a great visit. We were able to take her cross country skiing on the trails near our house and even see a few moose. Mom seemed to like Alaska and I think even debated moving here (not that dad would ever go for that)!

Overall we are doing well. We look forward to seeing our family over Christmas in a few weeks! We hope you are all doing well and would love to hear from you!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Life in Soldotna is good. We are enjoying our new house! :) It is fun to think about how to decorate for the Holiday's now that we have our own place. We put up Christmas lights on our house and since it is dark now when we leave for school and get home from school, we are enjoying the lights.

Granger is enjoying his job at Kenai High School and I am enjoying mine at Sterling Elementary. Between school, church and Young Life we stay very busy. The snow is here now and we have been able to get out and enjoy cross country skiing.

Our new address is:
33085 Community College Drive
Soldotna, AK 99669

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer fun!

The summer has come and gone very quickly. We had a fun filled summer of adventures! Our summer started with a lot of trips to Anchorage! In the beginning of June, I was able to fly to Michigan for 10 days. During which, I rode to North Carolina with the fam to attend my cousin Michelle's wedding. It was a great time to spend with family that I don't get to see very often.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, Granger and his buddy Donny attempted Mt. Spur for the second time. They had quite the adventure and unfortunately did not complete their goal of making it to the summit. The weather turned on them and it was unsafe with all the crevasses and lack of visibility. They had some unforgettable experiences however! After leaving base camp to attempt the summit, they turned back to see a black bear tearing through their campsite! They continued on their way until they decided to camp out for the night. That night it snowed 6 inches and was topped off with rain! In the morning they decided to turn back because the snow and rain made it too dangerous to attempt. They turned back and headed for base camp to assess the damage the bear had caused. Once they arrived at base camp, they found the tote that had their dry clothes in it was strewn all over, since the bear had carried it with his mouth and ripped it open. An empty can of Jet Boil fuel lay on the ground where the bear had bit through it! (That probably didn't taste very good!) Luckily they found everything, however, Granger's Bible got destroyed and his only dry clothes were soaked! Once they were back at base camp, they signaled the pilot on their friend's Spot (a device that notified the pilot to come get them) and waited for the plane to arrive. They will attempt Mt. Spur again in the future.

Once I returned back to Alaska things started to get busy! We signed the papers that locked us into our new house on June 18th and got the keys! Almost immediately after that we drove to Anchorage where I ran a half-marathon with a group of friends. The race went well and I finished around the time that I was hoping to. The next day, we returned to our new home!!

June 20th
Our 2nd Anniversary! We packed a small "weekend bag" to spend the night in our new house! The new house was pretty empty, all we had was an air mattress and enough food to last us a few days. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in our 1st house which was very special! The next day we decided to go on a Summer Solstice hike with our friends Donny, Andi, and baby Banyan. We hiked from Fuller Lakes to Skyline. It is called a traverse hike, but in my opinion is anything but. For those of you who know what Skyline is, it felt like we basically did that three times in a row. It was definitely an adventure and I think my feet are just now healing from it almost a month and a half later! The hike took us 12 hours! We were pretty tired after that!

The next week consisted of packing and moving! We were able to take our time packing which allowed us to enjoy the great Alaskan outdoors! By the end of June it finally felt like we were making progress into making our house a home!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We are home owners!! Yes, it is true. We have bought our very first house! It is a very cute little place. We are excited about it and we should close on it the middle of June! It is 4 bedroom, two bath. It also has a hot tub!! I'm super excited about that. We have lots of extra rooms for guests!!

On Friday, I finished student teaching! I am done with my Master's program and will graduate in May!! I am currently looking for a teaching job and will sub for the last month of school here.

Granger is doing well. He still likes his job but is ready for summer to come and the fish to start running. Summer is going to come and go fast, but we are excited for the adventures we will have and the time we will get to see family. We are continuing to like where we are and are meeting a lot of people. Our circle of friends is growing which makes it better. Our address is going to change again soon, so I will post our new address when we are getting ready to move! We love and miss you all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So it's been a long while since we've update you all. Our last post dates back to before Thanksgiving. We'll start there. We flew to Michigan over Thanksgiving to be with the Nyboer's for the traditional Nyboer thanksgiving feast!! We had a great time. It is always good to be with family over the holidays. We of course had to support the Hope College basketball team by going to the Thanksgiving Tournament. With the help of my siblings, we lured my parents to the game to surprise them. As they entered the arena and saw us, they just stared. It took a while but they finally realized it was really us! It was a great time. We were able to hang out with the Klunder's for the night before we had to head back to Alaska.

The school year has already gone fast. In the fall I was able to find a job as an Intensive Needs Aide in Soldotna. In January I began my student teaching and will be finishing up at the end of the month. Granger has enjoyed working with high schoolers. The transition to the peninsula has been great. We are continuing to make new friends and become more involved with our church. We have found a church that we really enjoy and will start to be more active there. We also have started helping with Young Life. We both love Young Life and are glad that it is in the area.

Over Spring Break we went up to Girdwood and stayed at the Hobbit House. We skied two days and went to a friends wedding. Then we headed up to Anchorage for Granger to get PRK eye surgery. Jan and Bernie graciously let us stay with them while Granger recovered. We had a great time hanging out with them.

We are staying very busy, between Young Life club, church, working, and hunting, our days seem to fly by. We are continuing our search for a house up here as we have decided we would like to stay for a little longer yet. It is hard being away from our friends and families, but it makes the times we see each other that much sweeter.