Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The adventure continues

The amazing adventure continues. School is not even out and our summer is booked! 10 more days of school and Granger is done with his 4th year of teaching and I am finished with my first. School has gone well for both of us this year.

We stay busy between church, Young Life and school. This summer, both of our families are coming to visit. I guess I should start from the beginning. Right after we are released from school Granger is going on a bear hunt with some guys from our church. He is very excited about the potential of getting a bear for our wall! ;) When he gets back he leaves again to climb Mount Spur (for the third time!). This time they will make it!

Just about the time Granger returns a few days later I leave to visit the family in Michigan. I am very excited to have some sister time! Living in Alaska definitely has its perks, but it is far from family, which makes it hard too. After I get back the Nyboer's come for a visit at the end of the month. We are excited for their visit and can't wait to give them a great Alaska experience.

The day the Nyboer's head back to Michigan, we are taking 16 kids to Young Life camp in Oregon.

Once we come back exhausted :) (in a good way), we will prepare for the Klunder clan to arrive. This is going to be a unique experience because all of my siblings and their spouses are coming and leaving the kids with the in-laws (minus the buns in the oven!)We are looking forward to all of our summer visitors.

On the days that we don't have visitors or adventures, we will most likely be fishing, hiking, camping, and hopefully getting in shape! :)