Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life in Tyonek

When we first arrived in Tyonek, we did not know what the future would hold. We especially did not know what I (Bethany) would do with all of my time. Well, as it turns out, I am overly busy instead of overly bored. I signed up for classes online to start my Master's of Special Education degree. I also started working fulltime as a Title 1 Tutor and a reading teacher. Tuesday nights, I runs an after school program for the kids. It has been extremely busy. Now, for the spring semester, I have doubled up on classes. Granger stays busy with tutoring after school and teaching guitar lessons once a week. He also opens the gym for the community on Wednesday nights.

Most nights consists of me writting papers or doing homework while Granger plays Madden '08 on the WII! We try to get out and ice-skate or cross country ski. We also like to take our gun to the dump and practice shooting at targets!

One of Granger's students has given us 3 rabbits that he shot. I am going to try and make mittens out of the fur! We need one more rabbit so we can both have a pair. Granger's learning different ways to prepare rabbit for us to eat!

Other than that, we like the rare occasion of flying out into a bigger city. We have enjoyed spending time together and building our marriage. However, we are ready to have a bigger community around us of friends and a church.

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