Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer fun

We have been back in Michigan now almost 8 weeks. Our time with family is fast approaching a "see ya later" goodbye. We have had a great time visiting friends, family, and traveling all over the country!

Our summer started with a lot of Klunder's scurring all over to make it to two very important baptisms. The first weekend we were home our nephew Luke was baptised. Then we were all able to have a few days of "Klunder family fun week" before we headed to the next baptism in Sioux Center, Iowa. We were all there for Lily's baptism and then headed in our seperate directions. The time with our family was fun, but too short. All summer we bounced back and forth from Caledonia to Spring Lake trying to give each family time.

On our whirlwind tour of the U.S. we were able to make it to Houston, Texas with the whole Nyboer clan to see Jake and Ellen, who moved there recently. We were also able to make it out to Buena Vista, Colorado to spend time at the cabin. We climbed Mt. Yale elev. 14,100 ft! It took us five hours to get up and 3 and a half to get down. All 10 of us (The Nyboer's and Bain and Laura) defeated the hike! After Nyboer's left Granger and I were able to do a great hike and use our fly rods to catch a few trout on a mountain path. To end our journey of the US, we went to visit Kristin, Tanner, and precious Lily in N.W. Iowa. Lily is adorable.

As most of you know, we are not going back to the village this year. We are making the big move to Kenai, AK. It is only 20 minutes by plane from Tyonek, but will prove to be a much faster pace of life. Granger is going to be working at Kenai Central High School teaching Special Education. I am still in the process of looking for a job, but will continue and finish my last year of my Master's program this year!! We have rented the downstairs of a small cabin right on the Kenai river. We are excited to get back and start fishing!

As soon as I get an address I will post it for everyone, but as of now I don't have it. We are exited for our move and welcome the adventures that lie ahead of us this year. We would love to hear how you are all doing and want to try and keep in touch more this year. Please e-mail us updates on your lives when you get a chance!

For those of you we were able to see this summer it was a pleasure! And for those of you we weren't able to connect with, we appologize, but would love to hear from you. I know Alaska is far away, but visitors are always welcome!! :)

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