Friday, December 3, 2010


So one perk about having a house is being able to host Thanksgiving! And that is just what we did! All together we had 3 couples, Banyan, and my mom, who was able to come visit for a week and spend Thanksgiving with us. We enjoyed a great meal, (although the Turkey took a little longer than expected) though that seems to often be the case. We still have lots of left overs that we are enjoying. We are so blessed to have developed friendships that have formed our Alaska family for those special times when we can't get home to spend it with our biological families!!

It was so much fun having my mom up here to see our new house. We really enjoyed the time together. While mom was here we were able to take her to the dump (I know sounds lame right?) but she was able to see all the eagles that come and hang out in the trees. It's a pretty cool sight actually. We were also able to go over to our friends house, Donny and Andrea, to cut down our Christmas tree. We came back and decorated it together which was always a great past time event that we were able to do together again. This is the first year that we have had a Christmas tree since we've been married! I was also able to make our stocking and hang them by the fire place!!

Mom had a great visit. We were able to take her cross country skiing on the trails near our house and even see a few moose. Mom seemed to like Alaska and I think even debated moving here (not that dad would ever go for that)!

Overall we are doing well. We look forward to seeing our family over Christmas in a few weeks! We hope you are all doing well and would love to hear from you!!

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