Sunday, April 25, 2010


We are home owners!! Yes, it is true. We have bought our very first house! It is a very cute little place. We are excited about it and we should close on it the middle of June! It is 4 bedroom, two bath. It also has a hot tub!! I'm super excited about that. We have lots of extra rooms for guests!!

On Friday, I finished student teaching! I am done with my Master's program and will graduate in May!! I am currently looking for a teaching job and will sub for the last month of school here.

Granger is doing well. He still likes his job but is ready for summer to come and the fish to start running. Summer is going to come and go fast, but we are excited for the adventures we will have and the time we will get to see family. We are continuing to like where we are and are meeting a lot of people. Our circle of friends is growing which makes it better. Our address is going to change again soon, so I will post our new address when we are getting ready to move! We love and miss you all.

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