Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So it's been a long while since we've update you all. Our last post dates back to before Thanksgiving. We'll start there. We flew to Michigan over Thanksgiving to be with the Nyboer's for the traditional Nyboer thanksgiving feast!! We had a great time. It is always good to be with family over the holidays. We of course had to support the Hope College basketball team by going to the Thanksgiving Tournament. With the help of my siblings, we lured my parents to the game to surprise them. As they entered the arena and saw us, they just stared. It took a while but they finally realized it was really us! It was a great time. We were able to hang out with the Klunder's for the night before we had to head back to Alaska.

The school year has already gone fast. In the fall I was able to find a job as an Intensive Needs Aide in Soldotna. In January I began my student teaching and will be finishing up at the end of the month. Granger has enjoyed working with high schoolers. The transition to the peninsula has been great. We are continuing to make new friends and become more involved with our church. We have found a church that we really enjoy and will start to be more active there. We also have started helping with Young Life. We both love Young Life and are glad that it is in the area.

Over Spring Break we went up to Girdwood and stayed at the Hobbit House. We skied two days and went to a friends wedding. Then we headed up to Anchorage for Granger to get PRK eye surgery. Jan and Bernie graciously let us stay with them while Granger recovered. We had a great time hanging out with them.

We are staying very busy, between Young Life club, church, working, and yes...house hunting, our days seem to fly by. We are continuing our search for a house up here as we have decided we would like to stay for a little longer yet. It is hard being away from our friends and families, but it makes the times we see each other that much sweeter.

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